Lockdown Expired

I’ve spoken about Robotics almost endlessly during the two year span of this blog, I detailed the process of getting people to read it and then going through rewrites with producers and directors and yet I couldn’t show you it. It felt odd talking about the film when you, my dear reader, could not look at it.

That ends tonight…

Lockdown expired…

Click play to watch.

I’d like to thank Jasper Bazuin and all at Alphabet Pictures for making this a reality and helping this Scotsman’s crazy idea he had in 2007 get on screen. I’d also like to thank Horace Cohen and Janna Fassaert for their brilliant performances which truly come across exactly as I’d have wanted. It’s crazy to think we’ve never met and yet you’ve done so much for me.

Please share this, tweet about it and generally shout from the rooftops. The festival run on Robotics isn’t quite finished yet either, it’ll play in Rome this September which is incredible news.

The Tongue In Your Head

“You’ve got a tongue in your head, just ask” was the mantra my Mother always used to tell me. Usually this was in response to me telling her I fancied a girl in my class but was afraid of asking her out. I quickly came to the realisation that my Mother was not the best person to consult about my love life. But its her voice that still rings out in my mind when I start to wonder if the person who has asked for a script has read it or if they’ve actually looked over that treatment yet. Years ago I’d have politely sat aside and waited, often hearing nothing back. Now I’ll just directly ask if what they said was going to happen is actually happening.

For those new to the blog (I seem to have gained a fair few followers with the last couple of updates, I salute you all) Robotics is the short film I wrote which was made by a Dutch production company and screened in both Holland the the UK last year at festivals.

The thought crosses my mind yesterday about when exactly the one year lock out for Robotics, which prevents me from sharing the film online so that festivals can pick it up instead, actually expires? I had it in my mind as April as this was when the movie was finished last year but wasn’t exactly sure. I fired a quick Facebook message off to the director to enquire about events.

This evening I received my reply. The first part was a slight kick in the chops as it stated ‘no other festivals wanted to screen Robotics after its positive start’. Whilst it’s a come down from imagining your film blazing a trail across the film world astounding every person who lays eyes on it I suppose I should be glad it was made at all. It exists, it was made in the most brilliant fashion I could imagine and it escaped the confines of my notebook and computer to be its own thing. The next part held the most promise by saying ‘we’ll be opening Robotics up to public view in two weeks’.

In 14 days the dust sheets come off and I’ll finally be able to link to Robotics for online viewing. Everything I’ve babbled on about it shall at last have some kind of basis and you can pick it apart as much as you like.

14 days would make it March 11th, my 33rd birthday.