The Buzz Killer

Order For Burning went up on Shooting People’s pitching emails last week and since then I have been bowled over by the sheer masses of emails coming my way.

No, not really.

Apart from it being read by a friend of mine from the college days there has been pretty much deathly silence from all around, so much so that I begin to run down all the reasons why it might not be clicking with anybody. Firstly, historical set movies are a tough sell but this one is even more so because it’s an event based in South West Scotland which not many people outside the area know about. It’s a great story to work a film around, I’m still very much in that belief. As far as recognition goes though, it’s not Braveheart.

Sorry Mel.
Sorry Mel.

There’s also the matter of appealing to producers who will probably not have the budget for a movie set in 1659. A modern setting is obviously easier to film, getting everything looking as it would over three hundred years ago would cost.

Also, my synopsis probably wouldn’t have been the best. Perhaps it seemed rushed? Did it fully explain the story? Was I getting my message across well? Probably not, if it did I wouldn’t be writing this.

It’s tempting to think it’s a year of my life down the pan and a few years ago I would have certainly spent a long time thinking this. The positives are that finishing any script is part of a learning experience, no matter what you’ve written you can always take something from it to improve the next one. The trick is to keep going.

Secondly, all is not lost by any stretch. I shall put the witches away for now and concentrate on the next thing. When given a few months to mull over, Order For Burning shall be brought back out and polished up before trying again. It exists now and that’s the main thing. If I was still, one year on, planning out a first draft and fretting over positions of scenes that don’t currently exist then I’d be far more worried.

So what to do now? Well, write the first five minutes of the next thing. It’s exactly the way I started Order For Burning and it works fine for me.

We keep on rolling.


Halfway To Narnia

There’s a cupboard at the top of the stairs in my house which has been the holding bay for nearly every piece of junk since the day we moved in eight years ago. On Friday I spent a few hours attempting to make some kind of space in it and kick out a lot of old stuff we just didn;t need anymore. Not only did I find the 14 inch Sony TV that I originally bought for my bedroom in my parent’s house because I was sick of having to play video games in my sister’s room but I also found the folder full of rejection letters. Right after I finished college I seem to have spent a good eighteen months pestering various UK based production companies with whatever I had at the time. Back then, the rejections hurt and were another downer on a dream. Now, flicking back over them, I’m firstly astonished I had the balls to write straight off to some people and I’m secondly finding them hilarious in many cases. I plan to get my scanner going over the next few days (a quick experiment with my phone camera set to ‘document mode’ gave very blurred and unreadable results) and put them up on Howling In The Dark. Together, we’ll laugh at the folly of youth.

The responses from Pozzitive TV are a thing to behold for a start.