Hexenwulf The Dreamer

I wrote another book. More aptly I should say I finished it before I got to the end of the last rewrite of the book I’ve been working on for the last four years on this site. Put simply, writing about old wrestling shows became far easier than facing my own story and the many flaws it has. Hence nothing here since August.

I’ve been podcasting, I’ve been miniature painting over on Instagram, I have written reviews on videogames alongside my son and I have been plotting how to write a text adventure game. As the world caved in with a cocktail of COVID and Brexit these things felt like instant wins. Clamouring back to the coal face of aliens from other worlds and Scottish tourist villages felt far too much of an uphill task. It’s a task that must begin again though especially as I’m not that far away from a possible ending.

There’s a chance my head is a bit out of practice with creative writing though so I might go and write something fairly short to get back up to speed. If so it’ll get posted here.

The very best to you and I hope you’re all keeping safe and well.

There Is Nothing In The Water

I’m sat in my front room, it’s around 11pm, the wind is blowing a gale down my street so hard I can hear the lid of my bin smacking against the fence and I’m wondering why the heating hasn’t automatically kicked in yet because it’s damn cold. I was going to spend tonight working more on the script, I haven’t opened it.

I’ve received an e-mail saying that the documentary ‘Senna‘ which I’ve been wanting to see for months is now on my movie streaming service. I keep thinking perhaps I should have watched that tonight.

I’m still playing through Mass Effect 3, maybe I should have put another couple of hours into that to watch some more aliens having an argument.

In truth I’ve sat reading other people’s blog entries while checking Twitter and Facebook. Twitter because I was a guest on the geek culture podcast Sonic’s Ring last night and vanity demands I check when the episode goes up, Facebook because I’m still waiting for news on when Robotics will make it into this world. In both cases a waiting game, the time scale does vary between them though.

I have yet to press cut and paste on moving over the stage script over to the movie version I started the other night. It’s a simple keyboard command that unleashes a whole world of staring at text and removing stage directions. For some reason tonight, I wasn’t feeling that.

It’s been that kinda night.