Hexenwulf The Dreamer

I wrote another book. More aptly I should say I finished it before I got to the end of the last rewrite of the book I’ve been working on for the last four years on this site. Put simply, writing about old wrestling shows became far easier than facing my own story and the many flaws it has. Hence nothing here since August.

I’ve been podcasting, I’ve been miniature painting over on Instagram, I have written reviews on videogames alongside my son and I have been plotting how to write a text adventure game. As the world caved in with a cocktail of COVID and Brexit these things felt like instant wins. Clamouring back to the coal face of aliens from other worlds and Scottish tourist villages felt far too much of an uphill task. It’s a task that must begin again though especially as I’m not that far away from a possible ending.

There’s a chance my head is a bit out of practice with creative writing though so I might go and write something fairly short to get back up to speed. If so it’ll get posted here.

The very best to you and I hope you’re all keeping safe and well.

Write Outwards

For absolute curiosity I typed ‘How to plan a novel’ into Google and the first thing it chucks back at me is The Snowflake Method. Despite being aware of the current negative use of the word ‘snowflake’ on the internet I read the article through. It’s actually provided me with a lot to think about whilst getting the structure together for the novel.

For those not wanting to go through the full depths of the link above the basic method is to start with a fifteen word sentence about your story and then work outwards. Taking each section of expanding it bit by bit until it grows and fills any gaps you may have had to begin with. It’s apparently the same method as writing software programmes. I can only imagine the bug testing that might have to go on afterwards though.

The start of the process, writing the one sentence summary of your story, took me about three attempts until I got something that I felt comfortable with. For the last couple of nights I’ve been writing up the three main characters. Having a full page in a notebook with their goals and obstacles clearly marked is something of an eye opener. Once again I fear I’ve fallen into my trap of having a cracking premise for an opening but not really knowing how to end it all in a satisfactory manner. I’m knocking through it though, there’s certainly something there.