Lockdown Expired

I’ve spoken about Robotics almost endlessly during the two year span of this blog, I detailed the process of getting people to read it and then going through rewrites with producers and directors and yet I couldn’t show you it. It felt odd talking about the film when you, my dear reader, could not look at it.

That ends tonight…

Lockdown expired…

Click play to watch.

I’d like to thank Jasper Bazuin and all at Alphabet Pictures¬†for making this a reality and helping this Scotsman’s crazy idea he had in 2007 get on screen. I’d also like to thank Horace Cohen and Janna Fassaert for their brilliant performances¬†which truly come across exactly as I’d have wanted. It’s crazy to think we’ve never met and yet you’ve done so much for me.

Please share this, tweet about it and generally shout from the rooftops. The festival run on Robotics isn’t quite finished yet either, it’ll play in Rome this September which is incredible news.

In The Can

You might remember around a month ago I was busy posting about how you’d be able to see ‘Robotics’ really soon, how it was going to be up online having finished its festival run as of March 11th. Finally after a year of waiting I would be able to show it off and you could all see what I’ve been talking about this last few months. You may also have noted that that didn’t materialise. There’s a good reason for it, allow me to explain.

Around that time the producer over in Holland messaged me to say that the film would be released for public viewing if the last festival on the list said they weren’t interested in showing it. If they said yes then they would be screening it in May this year meaning that the online release would be put back until at least the summer.

Last night, as I sat playing ‘Out There‘ on my tablet, a message came through on Facebook telling me of the festival’s decision regarding the film. I’m sorry to say I won’t be able to show it to you for the foreseeable future because it has to be elsewhere.

Basically, Robotics will be screened in the short film corner of The Cannes Film Festival 2014.

Which I think pretty much makes me this guy…


We Came Here To Chew Bubblegum

Looks like I can now tell you the dates on which Robotics will be shown at The Netherlands Film Festival next month. Follow the link.


I’m still trying not to get too excited about it for worry that something, somewhere will occur and it won’t happen. When people I know asked about the film months ago I said I wouldn’t celebrate until it was up on screen and people were looking at it. These deals and arrangements are fragile, one slip could wreck them.

I can’t make it to the festival sadly but I shall raise a small glass to those who will be there when the screening happens. My idea has been brought to fruition by some wonderfully talented people who have placed a smile on the face of somebody who thought this writing game wasn’t going to be much good to him.