They Stuck A Monument On Top Of The Pit And Called It A Day

I’m quite happy with progress right now if I’m honest. Another 1000 words have been done today. In fact it’s a small nudge over that as I was just about reaching the end  of a chapter and it felt really strange to stop at the 1000 mark if I only had another couple of paragraphs to go until it reached a natural ending. As a result, it’s reached 48,335.

Part of me is a bit worried now that 55,000 might seem short. There are chapters in this though that have a very bare boned approach right now as I seem to have just skimmed over certain details when I wasn’t really sure about how characters would react in that situation. Now I’ve reached the end game I’m much clearer about each character’s drive and reaction to events which leaves me a lot of space to go back to in the earlier parts.

Some of this stuff I won’t have read back over since I wrote it a year ago so it’s probably going to read really horribly. I’ll be wonderfully happy once I can write the words ‘The End’ on the tail of a first draft though.

In The Can

You might remember around a month ago I was busy posting about how you’d be able to see ‘Robotics’ really soon, how it was going to be up online having finished its festival run as of March 11th. Finally after a year of waiting I would be able to show it off and you could all see what I’ve been talking about this last few months. You may also have noted that that didn’t materialise. There’s a good reason for it, allow me to explain.

Around that time the producer over in Holland messaged me to say that the film would be released for public viewing if the last festival on the list said they weren’t interested in showing it. If they said yes then they would be screening it in May this year meaning that the online release would be put back until at least the summer.

Last night, as I sat playing ‘Out There‘ on my tablet, a message came through on Facebook telling me of the festival’s decision regarding the film. I’m sorry to say I won’t be able to show it to you for the foreseeable future because it has to be elsewhere.

Basically, Robotics will be screened in the short film corner of The Cannes Film Festival 2014.

Which I think pretty much makes me this guy…