Things That Friends Of Mine Do That Are Brilliant.

A general guide to people I like, have worked with and admire.

Nursing The Words is a blog about adult nursing written by my wife.

Calling Spots is a pro wrestling magazine which has developed into one of the UK’s leading publications on the matter.

Glasgow based video game fun with Scott and Joe. You do spend a fair bit of time trying to decide which one is better looking, a bit like when you watched Spice Girls videos back in the day.

A website/blog written by artist/writer Mike Healey who was the head of my degree course back in the day and general all round talented fellow.

The production company of Robert Florence, star of BBC Scotland’s ‘Burnistoun’ and the co-founder of Consolevania.

Fantastic database of film making talent.

The Robert Burns Centre in Dumfries. A lovely cinema by the river.

Alan Whittaker, aka The Wizard Marra, who gets many a mention in the ‘Is This Thing On?’ Trilogy of blog entries. Hear his podcast, see him perform and marvel at his story telling right here.

Investigators of all things paranormal in Dumfries and beyond. They also do wonderful ghost walks around Dumfries town which should certainly be on your ‘to do’ list in you’re in this neck of the woods.

A podcast about films done by Derek Williams and Christopher Windsor. I’ve bought Doctor Who DVDs from one of them and lived with the other for a short while. You work out which is which.

The lovely Chris Windsor (who I used to live with many moons ago) has a website in which he explores his creative writing.

A rather good four piece band from Carlisle, give them a listen.

Lexie is a friend of mine who produces some cracking theatre productions in and around Carlisle.



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