The Revolt Against The Management

I haven’t been back to the book for the last couple of weeks. It has remained closed since I wrote ‘The End’ on the final page. The main aim was to get some other work done that was outstanding before going forward with it. I’ve done my last game review for Orange Bison so that’s now filed and waiting for them to upload it. There’s also a wrestling report for my own podcast The Conquistabores to get done but that’s not far off.

Once the decks are cleared then it’ll be game time. I’ll be starting up another text file and then porting over all the rewritten chapters one by one onto the fresh slate. I figured this would be better than just cutting and pasting the whole thing over first and changing it all from there. At least this means the fresh versions will be on the new file from the get go.

It’s looking like I’ll be doing a chapter run through on this blog very soon followed by showing the first chapter both before and after the rewrite.

Hopefully that should be interesting.

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