They Stuck A Monument On Top Of The Pit And Called It A Day

I’m quite happy with progress right now if I’m honest. Another 1000 words have been done today. In fact it’s a small nudge over that as I was just about reaching the end  of a chapter and it felt really strange to stop at the 1000 mark if I only had another couple of paragraphs to go until it reached a natural ending. As a result, it’s reached 48,335.

Part of me is a bit worried now that 55,000 might seem short. There are chapters in this though that have a very bare boned approach right now as I seem to have just skimmed over certain details when I wasn’t really sure about how characters would react in that situation. Now I’ve reached the end game I’m much clearer about each character’s drive and reaction to events which leaves me a lot of space to go back to in the earlier parts.

Some of this stuff I won’t have read back over since I wrote it a year ago so it’s probably going to read really horribly. I’ll be wonderfully happy once I can write the words ‘The End’ on the tail of a first draft though.

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