Fret For Your Latte

Another 1000 words down.

Now I’m rapidly getting to the stage when I have to decide between two endings. One makes no sense but is quite exciting whilst the other is logical and boring. A nice combination of the two might be where we strike it if such a thing is at all possible.

In other news I found the notebook I used when planning this book early last year. I have seemingly ignored pretty much all the groundwork I did. I may regret this in a big way very soon.

Home stretch is just about there though. Not long now.

Fret For Your Prozac

My town needs a name.

All the while I’ve been writing this book I’ve never given the town itself anything like a name. It remains in my head something of a combination of my home town of Gretna and Pittenweem in Fife. These two places are separated by 150 miles or so in actual geographical terms but I’m taking the tourism and hotel bars of Gretna and mixing it with the harbour and seafront of Pittenweem. Whilst it works quite well as a slice of Scotland it seems odd that it doesn’t really have a sense of place yet due to lacking anything of a name.

I’ve been experimenting by coming up with a Scottish sounding place name and then Googling it to make sure it doesn’t exist. I haven’t found one so far.

I’m also thinking that the place name may also be the title of the book itself.