All Things Legendary

I went for lunch with a work colleague yesterday and happened upon this poster in the bookshop we passed by.


I’ve never been to Fisher Street Galleries before yet I know where Fisher Street is so that’s not a big problem. I work during the day most Mondays in Carlisle so it would be fairly easy to just take a change of clothes, grab something to eat somewhere and pitch up at 7pm. My car parking permit runs 24 hours so that’s not really a problem either.

The £35 is affordable.

I’m not sure if they’d want me turning up with half a novel written and a few notes though. I’m liking it from the perspective of meeting other writers for a five weeks spell. The last time I did something similar to this was when I was in school years ago (I think I was about 17-18) and it was something of a disaster. Obviously I’m a grizzled 36 year old now with stubble and everything.

I’m currently mulling this one over.

3 thoughts on “All Things Legendary

    1. I was at school when I went so I didn’t yet drive. I had to leave school in Annan, get the train to Carlisle (about 15 miles) wait around until the class started, do class, wait around even longer for next train home.

      Added to this I ended up sitting beside a guy who drew numerous pictures of Satan in his pad during lectures and another woman who kept describing her autobiography she was writing as a ‘journey of the soul’.

      I went two weeks, the third class was cancelled as the tutor didn’t turn up and I don’t remember ever returning.

      I’m probably entertaining this because I still feel a bit wobbly on writing prose as opposed to scripts.

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