A Contraption Of Light Tubes

It’s a frustrating thing when you get through one chapter and everything is going smoothly and with pace. You close the computer down for the night thinking that the next day will see you pick up from exactly the same point and bomb away exactly as you were.

Then, the next day, you get about four words in and think to yourself ‘What exactly were these two characters doing again?”.

Then everything falls to bits.

Any others writers out there sometimes find that they’re struggling for an ‘exit’ out of a chapter? Currently I have two characters just waffling on whilst eating scrambled eggs in an American diner that happens to be situated in a Scottish town.

I’ve perhaps overdone this one.

4 thoughts on “A Contraption Of Light Tubes

  1. Hmm, what I’m writing doesn’t really have chapters – but I would say, what’s the point of them talking? Are they trying to get info from each other? Like, what’s the point? Or if there is none that you can tell, but you still want the bit in there, then throw something crazy in the end that forces the end of the conversation. Like they see someone or something and it shocks them into silence. I dunno. Just a suggestion.

    1. Sorry it’s taken me ages to get back to you here.

      Right, one character is trying to hide something from the other who is trying to find it out. The hidey character is trying to throw the other guy off the scent. The former is getting really worried that the thing he’s trying hide is going to be discovered.

      So it’s kind of a round about conversation.

      Which means it’s does go round in circles.

      I’m thinking the former might have to have a reason to exit quickly.

      1. Ah I see. So yeah, an abrupt end of some sort is definitely going to be required to cut things off. Depends if you want his character to throw even more suspicion on himself or not.

      2. At the moment the guy protecting the secret has fled the diner. The two in the conversation have been friends for a while so I’m just taking it like he’s used to seeing this odd behaviour and therefore no alarm is raised.

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