Cactus Water

I did what any sane thinking and responsible person would have done when faced with a slowdown in word count.

I jacked the whole thing in for three days. This included a lot of video games being played and the first episode of the American Gods TV show watched.

It wasn’t writer’s block because I knew where the story was going to go and I could write it but it was reaching a part which was always going to be a difficult job to do. This is the first chapter in which there is something clearly alien in the story. It’s perhaps a bit of a tonal shift to go from matters of guilt and regret over never finding a lost child to getting some kind of creature added to the mix. It has to be right, it has to be handled well and that pressure to pitch it correctly is probably what had me running for the hills.

I actually went back to it today and deleted the opening of the chapter entirely. It was far too inward and just prattled on about what this particular character was thinking all the time rather than what he was doing or where he was going. It did cut off about two hundred words of the total but I’ve since made them up again and then some. It might not be perfect but I feel I’ve gone through the tunnel on this now and the light is shining on the other side.

I’m now on the 16,200 word mark. More shall follow tomorrow.

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