Just a brief one this evening.

This is a photo of an author who

A) Probably really needs a haircut because it’s starting to come down over his eyes.

B) Hasn’t been at work for two days so hasn’t felt the need to shave.

C) Has just gone past the 10,000 word barrier.

I’m strangely happy about this.

The word count I mean, not the hair.


Alongside a receipt for two teaspoons I bought from a local cookery shop I received another couple of emails today. The first tells me that my subscription to movie making forum Shooting People has now expired and they need updated details to renew. I don’t think I’ll spend the money on having another year’s worth of access for the foreseeable future. It’s not that it’s a bad site, quite the opposite, but it’s more to do with the fact that I’m not currently writing anything for the screen. Shooting People is where I pitched by short film Robotics meaning it was eventually made and screened around Europe. It’s also where I pitched Order For Burning twice over but got no takers. If I paid the money now whilst I’m concentrating on writing this book then I cannot help but feel it would be £30 wasted.

Just when I am thinking about not touching screenwriting at all for a while the next email peaks my interest. It’s a general wide send out from a Scottish Screenwriter Forum I’m on but rarely use. It states…

‘I’m an experienced commercial/promo director based in Glasgow and I’m looking for a writer to potentially collaborate with for this years SFTN new-talent short film fund. I’ve just completed my second short as a writer/director, both of which were screened at Academy qualifying festivals. 

The writer I want to work with will have a mutual love of character driven stories, a strong visual aesthetic, and a really unique storytelling style. Think Moon, Slow West, High Rise, Wild Tales etc. etc. 

I’m not interested in guns, gangsters, drugs or realism unless they’re subverted in a completely new way.’

I like Moon but I haven’t seen the rest. I’ve also yet to see any director who is on the lookout for scripts say ‘I cannot be bothered with any character based stuff’ so that part is pretty much a given.

I also don’t tend to do anything with guns or gangsters by default. I may well fire a quick reply away.

For those keeping score, another 500 words done today.

Pasquale Salvo

That was a bit of a grind.

I wasn’t really sure how much of the book I was going to get through tonight. It’s now 11:10pm and I’ve done another 500 word chunk. To be honest I’d have been happy with 200 tonight because it would have at least been something. I pretty much had to push myself to do some more though as it wasn’t quite flowing as much as it could.

I have a couple more days at work now but Easter seems a little easier. I’m also on holiday for a week at the end of April so I’m trying to set myself up with enough momentum to see me be able to do a large section of that. I got 8000 words done in March so I’d be happy to get up to about 20k by the start of May.

This is the chapter that contains the first real revelation in the story. My missing girl has returned to find that the town has moved on a whole decade in the five minutes she thinks she’s been gone for. As a result of this it’s looking like being the longest chapter so far. It’s reading quite well at the moment though, probably because there’s something to get my teeth into regarding the overall story here.

The wagon is still moving forwards.


That was important.

I haven’t worked on the book since last Friday when I got through about 2000 words. As mentioned before in the previous entry the wrestling weekend ahead of that day was always going to put the stoppers on any progress. I had the sudden thought tonight that if I didn’t do anything now then I’d pass the week mark with everything at a stand still. Every night that went by would make it harder and harder to get back on the wagon and keep going.

After 9pm tonight, when my son had gone to bed and stopped watching The Clone Wars Animated Series (we bought the season 1-5 box set the other day, we’re on season 3 already) I got down to writing again. I probably picked a bad break point on Friday as I had finished one chapter and needed to gather momentum again for the next. I was thinking that even if I did 100 words then it was still a start on something and still getting some pace back again. As it stands I did the usual 500 and have set myself up well for the next session by having my missing girl come back out of the water and walk towards the town in the dead of the night.

I’m much happier now I’m back to it.

Calling Orlando

There was a moment today when I came to the sudden realisation that no work on the book will be done for the next few days. Anybody new to this blog may not know that I’m a huge wrestling fan. This weekend Wrestlemania 33 is taking place in Orlando, Florida. Before that the WWE’s development brand NXT held thier usual Saturday night show. There are also matches from British promotions Progress and Insane Championship Wrestling. In short, there will be a ton of wrestling for me to watch.

Added to this there’s a record coming up for the wrestling podcast I’m involved in. We review old shows from the glory days and this time around we’re going back to the 1992 Royal Rumble. I have a grand laugh making them.

So yeah, the book might have to wait a few days.