Fibreglass Monkey

Is it a ‘thing’ to compare your writing style (or perceived lack of) to other writers you like or admire? I haven’t added anything to the word count today thus far but I have spent a little bit of time going over the last few pages. I’m used to writing scripts for the screen, it’s what I did most of in college and in the years since. I’m finding that I’m so paranoid about over writing stuff that I’m already cutting things down to bare bones in places.

I’ve been reading over some Neil Gaiman and Chuck Palahnuick and they paint rich pictures of each character. I’m perhaps thinking far too visual in that I’m trying to use ‘shorthand’ for each person in the story. I’ve gone back to notice that one of the most well realised characters so far is the woman who owns the bed and breakfast. She has really thick glasses which fall down to the end of her nose all the time, her house is covered with pictures of dogs on the walls and she sings to herself loudly even when she’s in front of people. She’s pretty throw away and doesn’t have a great deal of impact in the whole story but she’s one of the most stand out people so far.

Which is a bit frustrating to say the least.


4 thoughts on “Fibreglass Monkey

  1. I suppose it is good to compare and contrast our own style with that of other writers, mainly for the purpose of learning, experimenting, and appreciating. Sometimes emulating another writer for a time can enrich one’s style in new ways, but the work will still be distinctly one’s own. Good luck with your piece!

    1. I get what you mean.

      What I’m finding at the moment is that I’m reading back my stuff, analysing it and then thinking about other writers I respect. It’s then that I come to the conclusion it’s not quite ‘book’ enough.

      I’d compare it to me being a Sunday league football player. I haul myself to the local park with my £25 boots on and play whilst avoiding the ball going in the nearby duck pond. I’m still playing football but nowhere near the levels of a Premier League player.

      1. Oh yes, it’s very much a learning process currently. I do feel like the more I’m writing, the more I’m getting into the swing of it and the better it reads.

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