The Quiet Joystick

I seem to do a lot of pacing when I’m writing for a few hours straight. On regular trips to get up and do put some washing on, do dishes or make more coffee. There would be moments of watching Youtube video guides on how to best play Street Fighter V. Apparently the best advice is to move the joystick quietly as if you’re a Japanese schoolchild who doesn’t want his Mum to know he’s playing this late at night.

Regardless of this, with regular trips back to write a few words here and there, I’ve got up to 12,600. This still doesn’t seem like much but it’s over 2000 more added from two days ago. This therefore represents the biggest jumps in word count since I started this whole thing in the first week of March. There’s a small chance that during the week off I have after Saturday I can reach the 25,000 mark which would be at least one third of the way through.

One thing I’ve thought about is if I should wait until the very end to go back and edit an entire manuscript or take it in thirds and edit smaller chunks. This might be a decision made fairly soon.

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