Gladiator, I Challenge You!

I didn’t start writing today until pretty late on, around about 1:30pm to be precise. I had to go into the city to get a couple of things. The writing was crawling along and it didn’t feel good. I think I seriously had the passing thought at one stage that my right thumb nail needed filed down. I was also, for the very first time, getting the creeping sensation that everything I’ve written so far is no good. I started to think it wasn’t detailed enough, that the characters were crap or that the story itself is just too damn pitiful. I walked away from the keyboard, picked my son up from school and tried to gear myself up for it as the evening wore on.

It’s about 11:45pm now. I’ve been writing in a fairly solid fashion for the last two hours. I’ve gone from 10,500 words to 11,600. Not a massive leap but enough to feel like I’ve turned a really bad writing day into a half decent one.

And I filed down my thumb nail.

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