All Still Chancing On Disco Dancing

One of the really strange things that I’ve found whilst writing this book as opposed to any script I’ve written in the past is the difference between struggling to write anything and blasting through a thousand words in an hour is pretty thin.

Does that make sense?

No, probably not. Let’s try again.

When I write a screenplay I tend to find that I have days when scenes can just roll of the brain like a production line. Some other days it’ll be far more of a grind and the ‘feeling’ of a scene doesn’t sit right and you feel like you’re just forcing the story out rather than it breathing of its own accord. With the book this turnaround can be within five minutes of each other.

Tonight I found myself struggling to add another 150 words onto the 10,000 I arrived at last night. In this chapter the Mother has just come to the conclusion that her daughter isn’t coming home after leaving the house that afternoon. I’ve got her watching the clock in her home, then going out to the street to look for her before walking into the town centre to find the local shopkeeper so she can ask (she knew her daughter was heading to the shop). I’ve described her journey down the street towards the shop and it felt a bit dull. Darkness has fallen and this town has pretty much shut for the night except for the pubs. I was churning through without any great flourishes.

The shop ends up being closed but my character knows exactly where to find who shes after. I got to the part where she enters the harbourside pub and suddenly the word count accelerated. I thought I’d have to pack in for the night having done about 100 words (not great bt at least something). As it stands another 500 chunk has gone down. I could probably do more but I’m back in work tomorrow morning and I’d prefer to leave it at a good point so it’s easier to pick up again.

Everybody does it that way right?


2 thoughts on “All Still Chancing On Disco Dancing

  1. It’s funny, when I’m writing I actually don’t like leaving it at a ‘good’ point because I end up being put off going back to it later. Like I don’t want to go back and wreck the good bit I just did. Unless I have the next really good bit lined up in my head, it takes me ages to persuade myself to continue on!
    Sounds like you’re making amazing progress by the way! I’m a bit jealous.

    1. I’m finding (and all this really is a learning experience right now) that I find it far easier to settle back into the swing of it if it’s flowing well at that stage. I hear you from your way though, striking while it’s hot.

      Progress still feels kind of slow to be honest. The end still feels like a long way off! I have a week off work coming up so hopefully some big jumps in word count then.

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