Alongside a receipt for two teaspoons I bought from a local cookery shop I received another couple of emails today. The first tells me that my subscription to movie making forum Shooting People has now expired and they need updated details to renew. I don’t think I’ll spend the money on having another year’s worth of access for the foreseeable future. It’s not that it’s a bad site, quite the opposite, but it’s more to do with the fact that I’m not currently writing anything for the screen. Shooting People is where I pitched by short film Robotics meaning it was eventually made and screened around Europe. It’s also where I pitched Order For Burning twice over but got no takers. If I paid the money now whilst I’m concentrating on writing this book then I cannot help but feel it would be £30 wasted.

Just when I am thinking about not touching screenwriting at all for a while the next email peaks my interest. It’s a general wide send out from a Scottish Screenwriter Forum I’m on but rarely use. It states…

‘I’m an experienced commercial/promo director based in Glasgow and I’m looking for a writer to potentially collaborate with for this years SFTN new-talent short film fund. I’ve just completed my second short as a writer/director, both of which were screened at Academy qualifying festivals. 

The writer I want to work with will have a mutual love of character driven stories, a strong visual aesthetic, and a really unique storytelling style. Think Moon, Slow West, High Rise, Wild Tales etc. etc. 

I’m not interested in guns, gangsters, drugs or realism unless they’re subverted in a completely new way.’

I like Moon but I haven’t seen the rest. I’ve also yet to see any director who is on the lookout for scripts say ‘I cannot be bothered with any character based stuff’ so that part is pretty much a given.

I also don’t tend to do anything with guns or gangsters by default. I may well fire a quick reply away.

For those keeping score, another 500 words done today.

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