That was important.

I haven’t worked on the book since last Friday when I got through about 2000 words. As mentioned before in the previous entry the wrestling weekend ahead of that day was always going to put the stoppers on any progress. I had the sudden thought tonight that if I didn’t do anything now then I’d pass the week mark with everything at a stand still. Every night that went by would make it harder and harder to get back on the wagon and keep going.

After 9pm tonight, when my son had gone to bed and stopped watching The Clone Wars Animated Series (we bought the season 1-5 box set the other day, we’re on season 3 already) I got down to writing again. I probably picked a bad break point on Friday as I had finished one chapter and needed to gather momentum again for the next. I was thinking that even if I did 100 words then it was still a start on something and still getting some pace back again. As it stands I did the usual 500 and have set myself up well for the next session by having my missing girl come back out of the water and walk towards the town in the dead of the night.

I’m much happier now I’m back to it.

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