The Awkward Conversations

A blast through the book today with the awareness in the back of my mind that the schools are off for the next two weeks as of today so therefore getting anything done in the daytime might be really difficult with my son being around. I’m not a big fan of just ignoring him whilst he does his own stuff.

This does mean that I’ve got 1000 words done today and this takes the total up to 8052. This featured the first meeting (as far as the actual plot goes) of the Mother of the missing girl and the town police officer. It’s a reunion of sorts as both characters meet for the first time in ten years and after the investigation into the daughter’s disappearance turned up no body. She went missing on the beach by the town so it’s always been assumed that she was swept out to sea never to return.

I always knew I was going to find this bit slightly awkward as these characters have a fair bit of friction going on. On the night of the search the police officer told the Mother that he find her daughter. She still holds him to these words. There is a moment in their conversation when she softens a bit when they begin to talk about her daughter as a person and not as a missing case file and I’m not sure if this represents far too much of a mood swing for her. I was also unsure of what the police officer’s first line should be. It was hardly going to be something like “Hey, long time no see! Whatcha been doing?”. In a way, this fumbling around was perfect as it exactly replicated how his character was feeling about it as well. In the end I (and he) went for a simple “Hello” which is initially met with a stony silence.

He also expressed a concern at one point that they should both ‘get out of this wind and go to McDuffs for a coffee’. It’s a completely, on the spot line I made up and I’ve given a coffee joint the most stereotypical Scottish name ever but it might end up being a whole new location in the story. These two characters might well end up going for a McDuffs coffee real soon. I’m picturing it as one of those seaside resort places in the UK that tries and fails to replicate an American diner. The decor won’t have been updated since the 80’s, the jukebox will still have vinyl records in it and the price list will be on one f those black plastic boards where you pinned the white lettering into.

Sounds bloody great actually.

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