Shoulder Blades

I didn’t stop at 800 words. This is a very good thing.

Monday night is trampoline night. For the last couple of weeks I’ve taken my son to the local trampoline park so he can bounce around for a bit. Parents are actively encourage to join in. I’ve discovered in this time that bouncing around for an hour kills off my shoulders the day after so I’ll be looking forward to that tomorrow.

I left my computer on whilst we were away though which meant it was really easy to get going again once we were back home. I’m up to 7151 words. It actually doesn’t sound like much but I’m approaching the same word count I had for my Media Studies dissertation about 13 years ago. I recall that feeling like swimming through treacle at the time. Once I break 10k I’ll be over the moon with glee.

I never got around to sorting out the Doctor Who DVD collection.


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