Natural Gaps

A good blast at the book this morning makes up for the disappointment of last night with around 800 words down. I think I’ve worked out that I can’t really be one of those writers who is sat at their desk ready to go at an early time of morning. I dropped my son off at school this morning and then met my Mum outside. This resulted in walking back to my parent’s house to have a cup of coffee with her and catch up. I then walked back to my house (about ten minutes across a field) before thinking I needed to put a load of washing on as the weather is actually quite good today.

Only then, at around 11am did I get sat down and blast through some writing. I hit something of an unplanned chapter break in proceedings. The part I was currently writing involved the local police officer who was in charge of the search for our missing girl ten years beforehand. He still lives in the town and is having a conversation outside his house about the rumour going around town that the girl’s mother has returned. I was going to have him then bike down to the beach before having an entire conversation between these two main characters mostly from his point of view. Having him leave the company of the local town gossip though just felt like it was a natural end to the chapter. He knows where the mother might be so is about to set off. Starting the next chapter from her point of view as she walks across the beach feels a lot better. The police officer will come into view in a short while and then they can have the talk they were always going to have. It means chapter four is a fairly short one but there’s not really any harm in that.

Having done a fairly decent word count today I’m thinking I’d better get on with other jobs around the house. There’s hoovering to do and my Doctor Who DVD collection is currently well out of the usual broadcast date order.

Look! They’re all over the damn place!

Also lunch…

Food is important.

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