Tug Of Love Baby Eaten By Cows

4505 words.

Not a mighty total, nothing to get greatly worked up about and certainly far less than many others have perhaps done in a similar time. My only yardstick is that I can sometimes write pro wrestling reports n a day that knock on the 5000 word mark but for those I’m just detailing what has happened not making it up as I go along. By the end of this chapter each character will have had a little bit of the limelight, we’ll have had nearly all of the locations, one of the chapters will have been the first flashback of the collection and we’ll have had our first instance of something ‘not of this Earth’ happening in the water around the town. For this reason we can leave behind a lot of the clunk and just get on with telling the story. After this point we start to clank these characters together and see if they can rub each other up the wrong way.

The strange thing about the last couple of weeks doing this is that it’s become something of a small scale addiction. I’m not yet seeing the book as ‘work’ more just having fun with it and therefore I’ve been wanting to do it. As a result of this I’ve felt far more comfortable with the tag of ‘writer’. How often, when describing yourself as that, does it feel slightly stupid? It feels like something you just dabble in, like you have no right actually comparing yourself to anybody that does this for a living. Well this past two weeks I’ve been writing, taking it seriously and getting some progress out of it.

And it’s felt great.


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