Honorable Viking Blood

I’ve been going just over a week and I’ve hit the end of Chapter 2 (which is really weak and needs filled out a bit come editing/rewrite time). It’s also standing at 4000 words. That’s about 5% of the overall aim for a final word count. I’m not sure if that’s good process or not but it’s process anyway so I might as well take that. At this rate it’ll be 20 weeks until I get the full thing going, just under six months.

Chapter 3 is the first flashback. I’m rewinding ten years into the past to the night of the young girl’s disappearance. I’ll be breaking up the running order with these chapters every once in a while. I’ve tried to make it a rule to not write ‘2007’ across these pages so I’ve been looking for other indicators of the time difference. In my opening chapter the Mother returns to the town after ten years away and she notices the cinema has fallen in disrepair. In this chapter, which is the introduction to her daughter, the cinema is fully lit and accepting customers.

It’s now occurred to me that I’m trying to write with the point of view of a ten year old girl. I originally picked that age because my son is ten years old so I would be used to the language and the concerns. I actually deleted the first few lines I kicked off the chapter with because she was asking her Mother for money so she can go to the shop for sweets. It made her sound needy and a pain in the arse to be honest. Now she’s turning out her piggy bank and finding she has enough. She’ll probably still argue with her Mum about something before she leaves the house though.

Anybody else struggle with writing for people different ages to them? Do let me know in the comments below.

2 thoughts on “Honorable Viking Blood

  1. I suppose I go with the whole write what you know thing. I have a real hard time just guessing the ages of people, especially kids, so I don’t even bother writing stories that would include kids. I think you can have a scope of youngest – oldest that you can easily write for, but beyond that requires some kind of ‘research’. What I will do, is if a character is a vastly different age to mine, then I tend to think of a celebrity as I write for them. A character I’m writing is a blend of Matthew McConaughey and Hugh Grant. Although there is about 10 years between them even….but I just mean I picture them when I’m writing for the character and their mannerisms etc from interviews. It helps.

    1. Certainly works, I’m getting Natalie Portman’s character in Leon. It’s a strange one because the relationship they had is similar to the police officer and her in this story.

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