Like A Dragon

Well, I didn’t get anything done last night as far as the book went because I was in town during the day trading in some old video games. It gave me £55 to spend on new stuff so I bought Yakuza 0. Essentially I spent last night slugging it out with muggers on Japanese streets. It was fantastic but didn’t get me anywhere with this story.

So tonight I thought I’d blast it through between 8-9pm and see what happened. As it turned out I got 500 words done. We’re deep into Chapter 2 now (that should have been Chapter 3, keep up) and it’s the first point during this book that I’m writing something thinking I’m certainly going back to change it later. It’s the introduction of my local police officer who headed up the original investigation into the girl’s disappearance ten years ago. He comes across as a complete tool right now, far too removed from everything like he doesn’t care. His opening action is to go to the local shop and buy cigarettes which is probably a really boring thing for a character to be doing.

It’s probably a good thing that I’ve already identified something about the book that’ll change later on. As with the scripts in the past I’d be more worried if I was getting to this point thinking it was all brilliant.

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