Over the last couple of days I’ve pretty much been writing in 500 words chunks. I’d like to be able to be the type of guy who blasts out 5000 words a day but with work, family and needing to have some free time to do stuff to chill out it’s probably much better this way. I’ve added another 500 words today which has taken me to the end of Chapter 1!

Cue small fireworks display.

It still reads a little bit too jokey at the moment but I’m not sure if I’ll tone it down. There’s a final line which brings us right back to the ground with a bump as it reveals the reason why my main character has gone back to her home town after a decade of absence. I’ve spent a lot of the time beforehand describing the terribly ran Bed and Breakfast house she finds herself staying in. The taxi driver who brings her there and the owner of the house are almost comedy characters who won’t really be taking much more of a part in the grand scheme of things than this so perhaps it’ll be fine. It just seems odd to be talking about the broken grandfather clock in the hall one moment and then mentioning the fact her daughter went missing and never returned in the town ten years before. Maybe it’s a little too much of a culture shift, maybe it sets a nice contrast.

You may also have noticed I’m updating this blog a bit more as a result. I’m mainly using it for cooling down after having an hour’s blast at the book. It’s working quite well at the moment I think.

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