From Troubled Beginnings

The Snowflake Method (TM) has detoured slightly. I’ve probably hit step 5 when I got really bored of just expanding on everything I’d already done. A sentence was fine, a paragraph was okay but knocking onto four pages was a bit of a step too far. I was wondering if I had to detail when each character sneezes once I’d got to the third page. I’ve done the part where you have to break the story into paragraphs with a disaster at the end of each. This has probably given me a much greater idea of the overall story and how to work towards what I hope is going to be a satisfactory ending.

One big problem I had was that I was reluctant initially to introduce the more ‘strange’ parts of the story. I was still in screen mode thinking that this would be expensive and might ‘not look good’. It took me a bizarre amount of time to click that it doesn’t really matter. I can pretty much do anything. Beforehand there was a resistance to go into realms of ghost or aliens as I thought it needed to be more grounded in reality. Then I remembered the fact that I have a dead ten year old returning right at the start. Reality be damned, let’s ride with the weird stuff.

Another thing I’m enjoying about all of this? The fact that what I write will be there for all to read. When I’m writing scripts for the screen there’s always part of me not really going at it 100% because there’s a high chance that nobody will want to make it and it’ll sit gathering dust. Having the ability to shape your own story directly is a very powerful driver.

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