When The Fires Came Down

The script for ‘Parallel’ has stayed still for the last couple of days. Around the twenty five minute mark we’ve had the reveal that our main scientist’s hated work colleague is both back at base on Earth (as he arrives there within the first few moments of the film) but also up in the station as well due to the split through time. It’s hit something of a roadblock in that it’s hard to just have a movie about two people arguing in a space station. I admit this is far better that two people getting along inside a space station but you catch my drift. Everything seems to a little bit motionless right now

This was going to be the point where I wrote about what I was going to do about that problem, how I was going to raise up this script and drag it kicking and screaming into the light. All this seems irrelevant at the moment as it’s all just talk. I have ideas about it indeed but the pace is disturbing me right now. Not so much the pace of the story but more my progress in getting it down on paper. I’m frustrated that I’m writing in another vacuum, unsure as to if any of this effort will be worth it in the long run. In an ideal world I’d have somebody sat next to me reading every bit saying ‘Yeah, seems worthwhile to me’ at regular intervals but that’s not really going to happen.

There are two feature scripts in the drawer. I spent the bulk of a year writing ‘Order For Burning’ and about the same writing ‘Seven Lucky Stars’ but they didn’t go much further forward that pages right now. I get a buzz from people reading my stuff, any writer does, yet getting through the down times when that’s not happening is tough.


11 thoughts on “When The Fires Came Down

    1. I’m probably moaning about stuff every single writer who reads it will already be well aware of!

      It’s probably because the script is at that stage when it’s neither and blank document nor a fully fledged story. it’s like painting and seeing splodges of paint on the canvas which don’t relate at all to what you’re trying to convey. I’m figuring I might write some other stuff alongside it to try and ease off a bit.

      I have a short story I want to write for example. Part of me wants to stick it on the blog just to get it out there but a bigger part of me wants to try and get it published somewhere.

      1. Multi-projects usually helps me through a block. Also I try and resist the temptation to post before trying to get published, I always used to do it the immediacy of feedback is always tempting.

      2. It’s totally a reason for it isn’t it? It’s probably the same with the script. I’m looking at this thinking I’m still months away from anything readable to the outside world and that saddens me.

      3. That gets me sometimes with writing. Always have to think long term. It’s not easy though and the writing process is a lonely road but always worth it once finished.

  1. I can totally relate! A lot of the time I wish I was writing with someone else. Just to have someone else who’s as excited about the story as I am. Sometimes I think that I’d hate it, but sometimes I think it would make things go a hell of a lot faster.

    Of course, you don’t have to send your script-so-far to a random stranger…..but if you want, you can send it to me and I’ll read it. If you need someone who is by no means a script expert, but is very passionate about stories to give you a bit of a lift. I’m not getting very far with mine at the moment.

      1. Script sent over. I’m looking forward to your thoughts.

        I’ve managed to not keep staring at it by watching wrestling instead.

      2. I watch both but last night was Money In The Bank. Got about halfway through before I was getting real sleepy so had to quit for the night.

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