The writing during the daylight hours thing seems to be working as another good chunk of the script went down today. I’m actually belting through it only consulting my hand written notes afterwards. I had sketched up a really loose scene by scene but it seems to be falling to the wayside by just going with what seems natural to move onto once the previous one ends.

It’s a forced mess indeed and there’s massive gaping holes to plug once I’m done with the first run through. The first big concern is that there’s no clear reason as to why the hell they’re up there in the first place. There’s a station, it has some plants on it and that’s about it. It’s going to help a lot once I’ve worked that bit out. Secondly I’m still thinking through stuff for the main character to do. She’s stuck in a space station alone but what exactly can she physically do to help her situation? It’s a tough one at the start as, bar the radio conversations she’s secretly having with the one person back home who believes that her story is true, she really doesn’t get that much to interact with until it’s revealed that there’s a double of the other bloke on board as well. The important thing at the moment though is to plow on.

8 thoughts on “Blackfriars

      1. Aye. The way I see it nothing I’ve ever written hasn’t been worth it due to the learning process, but it’s nice to get a project right on first time.

  1. Is it like a loud film or a quiet film? If she’s happy to be by herself then I guess you don’t need to have her interact with someone, she could just be enjoying time to herself. If she’s not, then maybe she’s trying to radio (I don’t know about radios on a space station, but you know what I mean) another station, or recording a diary, or maybe there’s a pet on there she could interact with? I don’t know, they’re probably shit ideas, but at the very least maybe it helps you come up with something better. As for the reason why they’re up there, I don’t really watch space stuff all that much, but does it matter what they’re up there for? If it doesn’t then as long as it makes a sort of sense, I think it could be something pretty basic. Like researching the effect of being in space on whatever. If it’s not key to the story as such, something simple would work. In my opinion anyway. Sorry for jumping on your story!

    1. No need to be sorry for jumping in the story, the more it gets knocked about the better!

      It’s more a quiet movie (if I’m catching your drift on the difference) and she’s already in contact with Earth via radio to the one person back home who believes her. He’s basically sabotaging the returning shuttle to buy her time.

      I really didn’t want to include a robot/computer that looks after the ship. It seems a bit old now. The more I think though the more I reckon it would give her something to talk to whilst we want for the second version of bloke to turn up. Perhaps the cold hard facts given by a machine will differ from the very human help she’s receiving from Earth?

      Cheers for this knock about ideas session.

      1. Yeah, to me a quiet movie is like Castaway or something. But I could have imagined it go either way with your story. Sounds good.

        It’s true, it’s true. A lot of space movies seem to have had the robot/computer thing but I do think it works sometimes and in the right way won’t seem like such a cliche. Perhaps when the second version guy is about to show up, the computer would start to malfunction and stop talking to her? Then it would really highlight her isolation on the space station with the guy. If that’s what you were after. I don’t know.

        Honestly, anytime.

      2. The more I think about it the more I reckon the machine could keep telling her two people are on board and she thinks this idea is impossible. Then bloke turns up.

        Basically the difference between a logic system saying something and a human mind handling that info.

        Btw, nice new userpic. I am amused.

      3. I suppose it depends if you want the viewer to get an inkling that she’s not alone before he turns up, or if you want it to be a complete surprise.

        All sounds good to me though. I’m looking forward to hearing more about how your story is developing and offering my opinions (Sorry!). Definitely sounds like something I’d be interested in.

        Thanks. I am glad it amuses you.

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