The Green Handed Russian

In all honesty it’s probably been the best day of script writing I’ve had in a long while. I had the house to myself for a few hours after dropping my Son off at school, This helps when I get up and read stuff out aloud to check pacing without coming across as a lunatic. I had intended to be at my desk just after 9am but ‘stuff’ got in the way. I needed to go to the supermarket for apple and blackcurrant smoothie and I had a strong desire to buy chocolate on the way home. It might have eaten into the time a bit but it did mean that I’d left the house for a bit today which I think actually helped in the long run. The weather has been unusually warm and sunny for Scotland.

The script itself seems to have hit the ‘settling point’. When you’ve given all the characters names and introduced them all so you can just get on with the story. The story itself is a little bit incoherent right now and I’m asking question if it as I go along.

For example I need to find a reason why they were in space in the first place. They’ve made all the effort to build a station and send it up there but what exactly were they going to find/do whilst they were all there? Whilst the bulk of this is well out of the way by the time the story begins it’s important to lay it down for the opportunity to call back to it later.

I’m about fifteen minutes into the script, the rest runs in real time as the next hour and a half is spent trying to get back to Earth. At least there’s chocolate in the house now though.


2 thoughts on “The Green Handed Russian

  1. Solid progress.
    ‘I get up and read stuff out aloud to check pacing without coming across as a lunatic’ – haha, I’m the same, I won’t do that unless I’m alone in the house.

    1. Yeah, it’s like those people who talk with their hand free kit into the mobiles whilst walking around town.

      I’m always desperate to walk up to them screaming “You look like you need help!”.

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