Hammers Of Justice

A question for you all, at what point does a story start?

I’m not looking for ‘When I start writing’ more thinking about what point do you tend to jump into the plot and start the actual story. Is it to do with the current sci fi script? Oh yeah, it’s everything to do with the sci fi script. The main reason being that I reckon I might have gone in too late.

The intro with the penultimate scientist getting off the station and arriving back home on Earth works well enough. There’s a moment of few of tension as the shuttle makes its way through the atmosphere. As an introduction it’s not bad, there’s hopefully a sense of wondering what the mission is and getting across the rather low budget nature of this space project. Our remaining scientist will be on her own for the few scenes until time lines start to split and the guy she thought was back on Earth is still on the ship (even though another time line version of him has made it to Earth). The film hinges on the fact they really didn’t like each other during the whole experience so she’s rather glad to be rid of him in the film’s opening.

The problem is though that we never see them argue in the opening, they’re completely separate. Is it worth, I wonder, showing a little bit beforehand to establish their relationship? Or does this just make for a really dull opening few scenes?

7 thoughts on “Hammers Of Justice

  1. I generally ascribe to the start as close to the end as possible school of thought.
    Maybe hint at their bad relationship? Or have them recount a story and get their dislike of each other through that?

    1. There’s a little of that. She’s talking to ground control and they say bloke is on his way down in the shuttle and he’s safe. She mutters something about that being a pity before anybody notices. I’m not sure if this makes her come across as bitchy without the context behind it though.

    1. Not right away. Basic game plan at the moment is that she’s just discovered the shuttle is on the way with, as far as ground control are concerned, her onboard. The base is pretty much shutting down around her as she’s trying to get in touch with somebody on the ground. One person on the ground comes through and believes her. They then have the problem of trying to convince control that the voice they are speaking to in the shuttle, heading towards Earth, isn’t the real person.

      After this she’ll discover that another version of her co-worker is still aboard.

      So if it’s three acts we’ll say this is the end of act one.

      1. Have you ever seen The Return? It stars Sarah Michelle Gellar. I don’t know the background between your 2 characters obviously, but in that film there’s a guy that really dislikes her and goes after her later in the film. At the start of the film though, it shows that they work at the same place and he gets in her face about the fact that she got given a case that he wanted (I think that’s how it went). But it added to the story straight away and it made it really obvious that there was something between them. You’ve probably sorted it by now though, so sorry if that’s no help! Your story sounds freaky though. I love it.

      2. Not on I’ve seen to be honest, sounds like a good one though so I may well check it out.

        I haven’t sorted it yet but it might have to wait until draft 2!

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