The writing during the daylight hours thing seems to be working as another good chunk of the script went down today. I’m actually belting through it only consulting my hand written notes afterwards. I had sketched up a really loose scene by scene but it seems to be falling to the wayside by just going with what seems natural to move onto once the previous one ends.

It’s a forced mess indeed and there’s massive gaping holes to plug once I’m done with the first run through. The first big concern is that there’s no clear reason as to why the hell they’re up there in the first place. There’s a station, it has some plants on it and that’s about it. It’s going to help a lot once I’ve worked that bit out. Secondly I’m still thinking through stuff for the main character to do. She’s stuck in a space station alone but what exactly can she physically do to help her situation? It’s a tough one at the start as, bar the radio conversations she’s secretly having with the one person back home who believes that her story is true, she really doesn’t get that much to interact with until it’s revealed that there’s a double of the other bloke on board as well. The important thing at the moment though is to plow on.

The Court Of The Jaguar

More progress, more pages. Working on the script on my days off and aiming to get at least four or five pages done seems to work well. It sure beats doing a full day at work, coming home, having dinner, getting cleaned up, getting my son to bed and then starting to write. This usually means it’s around 9:30pm and I’m starting to get tired. This usually means more blank staring and very little getting done. At least if I’ve done a few pages during the daylight hours I feel no guilt playing Grand Theft Auto in the evening.

The other piece of news today is an advert that dropped in via my email subscriptions. Somebody is looking for a writer to work on a feature script about witches with attention to historical detail. I’ve got in touch and told them about writing Order For Burning. We’ll see how this one goes.

The Green Handed Russian

In all honesty it’s probably been the best day of script writing I’ve had in a long while. I had the house to myself for a few hours after dropping my Son off at school, ThisĀ helps when I get up and read stuff out aloud to check pacing without coming across as a lunatic. I had intended to be at my desk just after 9am but ‘stuff’ got in the way. I needed to go to the supermarket for apple and blackcurrant smoothie and I had a strong desire to buy chocolate on the way home. It might have eaten into the time a bit but it did mean that I’d left the house for a bit today which I think actually helped in the long run. The weather has been unusually warm and sunny for Scotland.

The script itself seems to have hit the ‘settling point’. When you’ve given all the characters names and introduced them all so you can just get on with the story. The story itself is a little bit incoherent right now and I’m asking question if it as I go along.

For example I need to find a reason why they were in space in the first place. They’ve made all the effort to build a station and send it up there but what exactly were they going to find/do whilst they were all there? Whilst the bulk of this is well out of the way by the time the story begins it’s important to lay it down for the opportunity to call back to it later.

I’m about fifteen minutes into the script, the rest runs in real time as the next hour and a half is spent trying to get back to Earth. At least there’s chocolate in the house now though.


Hammers Of Justice

A question for you all, at what point does a story start?

I’m not looking for ‘When I start writing’ more thinking about what point do you tend to jump into the plot and start the actual story. Is it to do with the current sci fi script? Oh yeah, it’s everything to do with the sci fi script. The main reason being that I reckon I might have gone in too late.

The intro with the penultimate scientist getting off the station and arriving back home on Earth works well enough. There’s a moment of few of tension as the shuttle makes its way through the atmosphere. As an introduction it’s not bad, there’s hopefully a sense of wondering what the mission is and getting across the rather low budget nature of this space project. Our remaining scientist will be on her own for the few scenes until time lines start to split and the guy she thought was back on Earth is still on the ship (even though another time line version of him has made it to Earth). The film hinges on the fact they really didn’t like each other during the whole experience so she’s rather glad to be rid of him in the film’s opening.

The problem is though that we never see them argue in the opening, they’re completely separate. Is it worth, I wonder, showing a little bit beforehand to establish their relationship? Or does this just make for a really dull opening few scenes?