The Sweet Aroma Of Juniper

Another couple of pages down for today. It doesn’t sound like a lot but I’m pretty much running off the notes to get the intro into some kind of shape. I’ve typed a couple of character names straight in without really thinking about it. I’ll probably use the next week or so to actually pin stuff down properly and make the rest easier.

In these moments of firing away stuff happens with characters that might well stay for the long run. It’s stuff that I might not have ever thought about giving them or making them do. Early on in this draft Jennifer, our main scientist and lead character, is stuck on the space station. One of her opening lines is to tell mission control that she’d like a gin sent up as she ‘hasn’t had a drink for weeks’. It’s thrown in there as an aside but I’m not sure if it’s making her sound like a raging alcoholic. Am I accidently writing her as Bridget Jones in space or is the fact she’s joking about this stuff making her more human and therefore more believable?

8 thoughts on “The Sweet Aroma Of Juniper

  1. I think one drink in a couple of weeks doesn’t sound alcoholic. A couple of hours or days maybe… But it’s gotta be boring enough for alcohol no?

    1. She”s been in space for about six weeks. It just seemed a bit jarring initially that she was going ‘alcohol!’ as part of her introduction.

  2. lol at bridget jones in space. I reckon that’s a pitch waiting to happen!

    I think a thirst for a drink represents a need for some normality, seems a reasonable request.

    1. To give some context she’s been in space for six weeks sharing small living spaces with four guys. One of whom, the guy who has just left at the start of the film, she didn’t exactly get along with. She’s made the decision to be last off the station because it means she can spend one night working in peace and have an uninterrupted view of the stars outside.

      The more I’m thinking about this the more the gin seems perfectly logical!

      1. I am eager to find out what happens next as she settles down to enjoy her gin and her relaxing evening. What will interrupt the reverie?

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