Death Is Bvt A Door

I would have got more writing done today were it not for small technical glitches. Long time readers will know that I make a wrestling podcast with a few friends called ‘The Conquistabores’. As part of the show’s blog I’m watching all the WWF shows from the late 90’s I missed. Each entry is usually between 4000-5000 words in total and I had carefully edited the entire article about the 1998 Royal Rumble (from California for all you fans of geography) and placed photos in the relevant places. It was then that Tumblr decided to have some kind of fit, graying out the ‘Post’ command. I couldn’t do anything with it as it seemed to be stuck in a loop of backing itself up. I deleted the entire thing and went back in to try again. The text went on fine but the photos meant I was unable to post again. After much swearing I went to the kitchen to get a coffee. Leaving the article to one side I began a short story instead.

I haven’t written much in the way of stories in a while. I started what might end up being a book not that long ago but this is the first time in a while for a self contained story. I haven’t actually planned anything about it but it’s written in the first person so I’m hoping this actually helps it along somewhat. It’s a recollection of an event rather than a polished piece.

I had thought originally that I might be able to finish it tonight. I was wondering what exactly I’d do with it when it’s done. Keeping it saved on a hard drive defeats the whole purpose of writing as it’s important to get your stuff out there so it can be read. Trying to find a place to publish it would take a very long time and wouldn’t guarantee ever seeing the light of day. I’ve reached the conclusion that I could probably finish it on Friday and then I’ll just stick it up on here.

I’ve currently shut it down for the night as it stands at one thousand words. I went back to the wrestling article after this and the gremlins clocked off for the night as it posted fine.

If it’s your bag then you can check it out here.

These two things combined mean I’ve probably done about 3000 words today. Tomorrow night will probably be spent playing video games.


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