A Thing Of Beauty, Long Remembered

In between writing about my own struggles to get things I write made/screened/published I often like to support others in getting their stuff off the ground. The first ever project I supported on Kickstarter was a comic called Bust which ended up being released. I have one of the first signed copies in my bookshelf complete with my name in the back.

Bust was created by a guy called Dave Cook. I don’t know Dave, I’ve never met him but I follow him on Twitter and it’s fair to say he sounds like a fine sort of gentleman so it was brilliant to see him succeed. I also put some money towards the second volume of Bust which is due out soon.

The reason I’m writing this is that he’s created a whole other comic series called ‘Vessels’ which looks brilliant and I’ve put more money his way so that it becomes a reality also.

The link is right here if you fancy having a look at it yourself.

If you can give something to help the project along then please do because Dave’s proven before he can deliver the goods and his stuff is amazing. The campaign currently has nineteen days to run and one of the stretch goals is to produce the whole thing in lovely shiny coloured pages which look pretty phenomenal.

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