The Bogus Happy Ending

I probably should have posted this a few days ago, being the end of one year and the start of the next. It’s a bit late but then most things are.

Time to reinstate my assumptions.


  • There needs to be another feature script in 2016. It must be cheap to make and not feature too many characters or locations. ‘Parallel’ fits this bill rather well and has been milling around for a long time. I’ve started the first couple of scenes. It doesn’t quite lead anywhere at the moment though and is a lot of set up for not much in return.
  • There is ‘the book’ which at the moment seems to just be a few chapters of semi character introductions. They’ll be a  way to mesh it all together but I’ve yet to find it. When it does eventually get to some decent word amount I’m not sure if I should try and get it published or just stick it up on this site as each chapter is done.
  • Poetry still niggles me, by the fact that I’m never sure if I can or cannot actually do it. Some people I listen to make it look really easy but most of the stuff I’ve tried to write in the past is bloody awful.
  • Various wrestling related projects. Long time readers of this blog, if they existed, will know of my love of pro wrestling. I’m part of a podcast about old wrestling shows called ‘The Conquistabores’. I have an absolute riot recording the podcast each and every single time we gear up the microphones. I write a heck of a lot of stuff on the blog over there too.
  • Painting stuff. I have a whole idea about painting small canvases and leaving them around cities. Let’s just call it ‘polite graffiti’ and be done with it.
  • A little bit of music. Back in the summer I had a good day round at my friend Craig’s house. He’s a musical wonder and made my pathetic humming into something approaching a song. I like the idea of making music that makes it okay to wear sunglasses in the dark. Perhaps we need more of this.

All of this hopefully will be fully blogged about right here. Sometimes I feel the process of writing and writing is a little dry and dull because it’s not the sexy part. Everybody lives for the performance, not the preparation.

2016 equals more sexy parts…

I’ll leave that there.




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