Of Late Forensics


It’s getting a bit cold in this room right now, hence the Scotland football training top from a few years ago. I have no idea why the pen hanging out of my mouth was needed but then I’ve never been good at this selfie lark.

I’ve been doing a little bit more of the book tonight, mostly the opening handful of chapters which serve as an introduction to the characters. I’m struggling in places as it feels a little bit dry. I seem to be following the same formula and then realising that I haven’t been descriptive enough about the surroundings. In a movie script I’d just write something like ‘EXT. SMALL WORKSHOP. NIGHT’ at the top of the page and carry on regardless, concentrating on the dialogue. Working on this I need to fill in far more detail and it feels like going against everything I’ve been doing before. At the moment it feels like something written by computer.

I also don’t exactly know what will happen once all the characters are in place. I have the idea for the ‘event’ that will kick the whole thing off but nothing really beyond that. I’m just hoping I can just keep asking myself ‘What would this person do now’ with each of them and get through it that way.

I must go now, I’ve started to realise this chair isn’t the most comfortable to sit in for extended periods of time. Essentially, my back is killing me.


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