Of Late Forensics


It’s getting a bit cold in this room right now, hence the Scotland football training top from a few years ago. I have no idea why the pen hanging out of my mouth was needed but then I’ve never been good at this selfie lark.

I’ve been doing a little bit more of the book tonight, mostly the opening handful of chapters which serve as an introduction to the characters. I’m struggling in places as it feels a little bit dry. I seem to be following the same formula and then realising that I haven’t been descriptive enough about the surroundings. In a movie script I’d just write something like ‘EXT. SMALL WORKSHOP. NIGHT’ at the top of the page and carry on regardless, concentrating on the dialogue. Working on this I need to fill in far more detail and it feels like going against everything I’ve been doing before. At the moment it feels like something written by computer.

I also don’t exactly know what will happen once all the characters are in place. I have the idea for the ‘event’ that will kick the whole thing off but nothing really beyond that. I’m just hoping I can just keep asking myself ‘What would this person do now’ with each of them and get through it that way.

I must go now, I’ve started to realise this chair isn’t the most comfortable to sit in for extended periods of time. Essentially, my back is killing me.


There Is No Room For Hatred (In A Broken Heart)

I never used to listen to much music on the radio. During the nights when I used to stay up late and write I had a small radio in the room which was tuned to talk stations. I wanted to hear voices, to get the idea of different people talking, how they put across an opinion, how different voices overlay and interact with each other. The dial would be set into anything vocal, it didn’t even have to be in English.

Last night I was working on a piece of writing for The Conquistabores podcast I’m part of. Because I have a weakness for keeping social media open on another tab whilst I work I noticed that a notification had popped up on Twitter saying that the show Wireless Nights was about to start over on Radio 4. It’s presented by Jarvis Cocker, the lead singer of Pulp. This edition was about journeys in the night and it featured sections with Kathleen from Mostly Ghostly Investigations with regards to the A75 haunted road tour.

In the stillness of my living room, late at night, the voices were a call back to those teenage days scribbling with a pad and pen. Not only were there stories about sightings of ghosts just outside Eastriggs but they also had a segment on a hitchhiker trying to get from London to Liverpool and a former soldier who told stories of his time driving in warzones.

I wrote away at speed. Two thousand words became three thousand then four thousand. I was able to put up an entire article in the early hours of the morning.

I might have just found my muse.