Phantoms of Stuttgart

The list of semi finalists for the script writing competition I entered a couple of months back has been released. My script is not on there. I won’t see the £35 entry fee again as, being the cheaparse, I went for the ‘no feedback’ option.

One of the main troubles with doing this writing thing is the sensation of working on a script for a few months and then having it go nowhere. It’s often then really hard to get yourself going again and start the climb once more. Also, there’s a whole question as to what the hell to start.

For this reason I’ve been facing up to a blank screen a lot lately, usually walking away in the end. I need to get some kind of momentum back in the game plan as I’m feeling a little bit lost right now. This usually leads to a fair amount of anxiety and a general feeling of just being a bit pointless really.

It’ll pass, most of the time it does.

I have an idea of something I want to do but it’s just that at the moment, an idea. There’s not much story hanging from it to begin with.

There’s also the book I started. I’m half thinking I might just be better off sticking chapters of it up here for people to read because I don’t think it’ll go anywhere else otherwise.

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