The Cake Cannot Be Chocolate

I’ve come back from holiday, staying in a small town not far from where my grandparents lived when I was younger. Any thoughts of continuing any work with the producer I emailed ‘The Salesman’s Gamble’ to a few weeks before I left have now died out. There is, quite simply, nothing in the email inbox from them. No feedback, no response to suggest anything is being read. In fact there has been little but silence. Upon checking the person’s website it suggest they ‘specialise in the development of writers’ which seems to not include being able to tell them that their stuff is not for you. Obviously they frequent the ‘they’ll take the hint’ crowd.

If I said bitter it’s probably because I am. It’s a little disappointing to be led up the path like this only to have it crash down. The fact these people exist shouldn’t surprise me but it still sticks in the throat a little.

But I’m moaning.

And you don’t want to hear it.

So we move on.

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