On very odd occasions there’s a email that will go around via one of the various script writing internet forums I’m on which will offer up an opportunity. Some of them are extremely specific such as the one recently that wanted a co-writer but only one who knew Arabic and had grown up in South London. Some however take a slightly wider scope and ask for ideas or help.

One came via Scottish Screenwriters the other day from a producer who was after short film scripts that he could make in a smaller budget. He also mentioned how he had access to a fight coordinator and was therefore interested in anything along those lines. As far as cheap scripts go I thought of ‘The Salesman’s Gamble’ which remains sat on my computer hard drive doing nothing since getting rejected previously. I sent him an email asking if it was okay to send the script but also mentioned I had an idea that might involve his fight guy. The only bother is I haven’t written it yet. I did explain this however.

So I get one back asking for the script and a pitch for the idea, I supply both. I know a whole lot of people wouldn’t dream of pitching to somebody they’ve just emailed over the internet. The thought being that some unscrupulous sort will take this no doubt blazing idea and make it anyway. In all honesty I haven’t got that much to lose by just trying so that is indeed what I did.

I have yet to hear anything back but I’m not pinning myself to it and waiting around doing little else. Maybe when I was younger I’d stop everything to just wait by the computer for an email to come in but now I’ve got another stuff to get through and to keep myself busy with.

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