A Fear Reprisal

I’ve accidentally started writing a book. I don’t know how it happened, I was just sitting typing something one evening and a sentence became a paragraph and one thing led to another. I’m two chapters in now and whilst it reads okay it could probably do with tightening up here and there. Unlike writing a script when you can go back and adjust dialogue and directions, editing an entire book of around 100,000 words seems daunting as there’s the descriptions of scenes and  inner character emotions as well. Stuff that you have to write when doing a novel but can be done visually in one moment on film.

I’m probably going to get a little further in and then ask some people to read what I have so far, not really to critique it as such but mainly to make sure that I’m not writing like a raving idiot and all this will be a complete waste of time. It deals a lot with different dimensions, mainly working on the theory that the same things can happen just in different times frames in alternate versions of history. It’s a whole lot of steampunk in Victorian London.

The street lamps are gas powered, they have the internet (or integrated communication as they’re calling it).

If this kind of thing seems like your bag then please get in touch and I’ll let you in on the initial going. Either tell me it’s nonsense in which case I’ll stop and I’ll be happy you’ve saved my time or tell me it’s fine in which case I’ll knuckle down and carry on. Both ways you’ll have done me a favour.

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