Paradise Towers

So an e-mail comes through from Scottish Screenwriters a few days ago explaining this.

It’s a competition for scripts, both a feature and short. The winner gets £2000 cash, gets their script sent out to over 100 production companies, passes to Pitchfest (whatever that is), IMDB Pro Membership and a few other bits. Even during the contest itself it would seem your script is read by a fair few people and sometimes even people who haven’t won in the past have still gone on to better things. It sounds like something I need to do especially when Order For Burning is ready to go and has now been pitched twice on Shooting People with no takers.

The one slight snag is the price tag for entry of £35.

It’s not that I cannot afford this, paying £35 will not mean I skip meals and miss a payment on the car this month. It’s more the fact that I’ve never paid to get any of my scripts read before. I assume it helps them cut down on time wasters and also allows them to make a profit for what they’re doing which is fair enough. Apparently this is the last entry window to the competition, if I’d entered a few weeks ago the fee would have been £25.

After days of pondering this issue I finally decided to bite the bullet tonight and just pay the damn money. It might lead absolutely nowhere in which case it’s money down the drain and I’m back to square one. Having watched the timer tick down on the site though I figured that if that went to zero and I’d not bothered entering due to having to pay something towards it then I’d regret it. I’d have a script that I’ve only pitched in one place and was going nowhere. At least this way it’ll be getting read somewhere.

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