Synth & Drums

With confidence I stepped forward with the new synopsis for Order For Burning and placed it up online to see if there were any takers. There were none at the second time of asking. I’m thinking back as to what could have been wrong and I come to the same conclusion that I was very aware about to begin with. The film is based on historical events which makes it very expensive to make and it’s not a hugely well known event either so there’s not a ready made audience for it in that sense. This makes it a tough sell at the best of times. I spent the best part of a year on Order For Burning, getting it up to what I consider to be a readable state and the line seems to end here for now. The main question is what to move onto next because it’s not worth throwing myself at a locked door.

I have another couple of ideas for feature scripts that I could work on. One of which is a return to ‘The Last Alive’ which I abandoned after a few pages due to it turning into a science fiction mess up with lasers and aliens when I should have been a simple story about a dead girl being reunited with the town from where she went missing. There’s a more human story here, something a little more subtle that I didn’t have the bravery to tackle at the time. I might well now but then would anybody want to watch a movie exploring something like that?

There’s also another script I was due to start about parallel dimensions, ie- the theory that states another version of your life is created whenever you make a decision. I had something about an astronaut triggering something in the atmosphere which endangers her return to Earth. I had the start and

Or possible we go for a left field choice and just start writing a book and thus not have to worry about getting somebody to film the thing afterwards. It would also mean an entry into the world of publishing which is no less full of pitfalls. This wouldn’t signal jacking in screenwriting together but more just trying a different method of getting something under that ‘writer’ umbrella.

So I’m stuck at a bit of a junction and not sure what to do next.

Any thoughts gratefully received.

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