Death To Eddie Scott

I’m a little bit jealous it has to be said.

You may remember a while back I blogged about Dave Cook and Chris O’Toole who were starting a Kickstarter campaign to get their comic ‘Bust’ up and running. I put £20 towards it because they were genuine guys delivering their story to a wider audience. This morning the printed copy of issue one dropped through my letter box and I have to report it’s brilliant.


It tells the story of an America cut off from the rest of the world due to a disease that causes victims to turn into feral beasts. Jack is a card hustler before the fall and is welcomed into a walled off Austin, Texas which is governed as a dictatorship by Eddie Scott. Initially the two get on but a need for money to escape causes Jack to turn on Eddie. Upon discovering this Eddie forces Jack into gladiatorial combat as part of his plan to entertain the masses.

It’s brutal but darkly funny in places too. I’ve often had stories stashed away that I thought would suit a comic book format but never pushed them forward. With Bust, Dave and Chris show the possibilities that are there.

I look forward to further issues and, if this sounds up your alley, then you should jump on too at the Bust comic website. I’d highly recommend it.

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