Nuke The Site From Orbit


I’ve been in my current day job for ten years as of a couple of months ago. Last week an envelope arrives in the internal company mail containing a small badge and £100 worth of shopping vouchers. “It beats a bloody clock” said my Mother upon hearing this news.

I didn’t want to spend them all in one go so I took them to the music and movie store round the corner from work the other day and ended up with this.

Firstly, £2.50 per movie is a good deal and secondly I’ve never seen any Alien movie all the way through. This happens with a lot of movies in that they’re so engrained in popular culture that you feel as if you have seen it even when you haven’t. Also, it’s a symptom of analysing individual scenes back in the media production days.

So yes, I’ve seen the chest bursting bit, the construction mech bit, the movement sensor and that stupid baby alien bit at the end of Resurrection. None of them from start to finish though.

It’s made me wonder why, when a movie is popular, we have a desire to take it to pieces rather than absorb the whole thing.

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