The Conquistabores Episode IX: The Intercontinental Championship Match Challenge

Yes, it’s more pro wrestling chat from The Conquistabores. I always have a complete riot doing these podcasts and I hope that comes across in the final edit.

A Bad Education

The Conquistabores are back right here ON THE INTERNET but this time they come not to talk about one Pay Per View. Oh no. They’re here to talk about FOUR. Well, not all of four PPVs. Four matches, specifically matches for the Intercontinental Championship belt. The storied title, that has suffered somewhat over the last few years, has seen a fair few classic matches fought over it. But only one can be the best, which meant that Cameron, Phil, Euan and Geordie Al had to pick their best match, bring it to the podcast and lay down why they think it’s the best before a final victor is chosen. Thats right folks, fours matches will enter the thunder-podcast-dome but only one will leave. Will it be your favourite? Get to listening and find out in an hour and forty minutes or so. Enjoy!

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