Last Days Of The Gun Fighters.

So I spend a few days out of writing after Order For Burning’s latest draft completion and during that time the itch returns. It was probably whilst watching another episode of Daredevil on Netflix that I decide I should resume writing another script, to carry on the momentum if nothing else.

I’ve met a few writers in the past who dedicate whole sections of their lives to writing one project. They will polish it, rewrite it, shine it up and then repeat the process. If they actually do get around to submitted the thing and it gets rejected they stop dead in their tracks as the script they’ve dreamed of and put so much effort into dies in the water. I do not want to be that guy.

So today, as is traditional now, I started the first five pages (which actually ended up being seven pages) of the new script. There are currently no notes, no diagrams, no character outlines, no scene by scene and certainly no deciding what each character’s favourite biscuit. It’s just the pure first fumbling love throws of a new project by getting in there and finding what floats its boat.

The thought remains in the back of my head that this could be another year in the making, the same duration it took to get Order For Burning up and running, but that’s the break you take.

We’re back to science fiction and we’re also messing about with parallel universes.

Here goes something.

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