The Devil’s Radio

I’m not the greatest fan of writing a synopsis, whenever I read them back it always seems like I speak a foreign language and I’ve Google translated the finer points of the story back into English. The synopsis for Order For Burning isn’t much different but it exists at least and it’s been packed off to Shooting People’s website to be considered for inclusion in the next Script Pitch email that’ll do the rounds soon. I’ll probably still be tweaking the script itself many times over in the very near future but it needs others to see it now. It needs to be sent out into the daylight to see if its skin burns or not.

It’s occurred to me that Order For Burning has taken up a whole year of my writing life already. It should probably have been much shorter to get it to this stage, maybe around six month had I actually concentrated on the thing but I’m here now. There wasn’t somebody waiting to give me a pay packet whilst I worked on it, getting more and more annoyed at my periods of inactivity.

It can go either way now. Perhaps I’ll get people interested in making it, asking me to do rewrites and change things around before going on to film it. On the other hand it could go nowhere and I’ll have spent a year writing something which goes no further than the pitching stage. If it’s the latter then I can still take plenty of pointers from the experience. You get better at writing and constructing a story with each project you write so I at least have that.

Actually, it won’t be the case that nobody will read it. A college friend, now making his own movies, has asked to read it so I sent it off to him yesterday to get his thoughts.

The biggest question is what to do next. I don’t like the idea of sitting, waiting on somebody to say yes to Order For Burning and doing nothing in the meantime. Whilst I have an idea for another feature script I don’t think I’m going to rush headlong into it right away. There’s a couple of smaller, non-movie related stuff I want to get out of my system first.

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